Joules Technologies

About Us

Our company  was created to integrate the latest Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency technologies into the governmental, Commercial, Industrial, and Residential realm with a focus on the highest quality, transparency, and customer service.


Who we are

Joules Tech was found in 2010 to cater to the needs of Energy conservation and emphasised it’s focus on Building where people spend most of their time.Our goal is to reduce the Energy consumption through introducing Smart Sensors and creating awareness within the people and let them know how much energy they were able to save every day. This is one of the ways to reduce the carbon footprint, make a greener society and a sustainable Earth.
JouleTech also realized that there were few activities within the building that created Non-productive efforts and anxiety for users such as finding their way to “Place of Interest” or finding a meeting conference room not enabled for meeting purposes or finding a parking space/find a car for large parking lots or falling sick due to inappropriate environmental conditions and have developed standards to support the Users preference and improve the productivity.

  • A minority Business Enterprise (MBE) setup in Washington state.
  • Founded by Engineering professionals who have an average of 15+ years of experience in Construction Industry.
  • Base building systems design for HVAC, Lighting, Security and surveillance, Chiller Unit, Smart Site light poles, EV Chargers.
  • Expertise on Energy management and Sustainability via design of MEP systems, BMS, Lighting Systems, Sensory Technologies (incl. .
  • Expertise in the Digital Transformation (IO/OT Integration) for Smart Buildings and Operations, reporting Energy consumption in the building.
  • Enabling experience for different Personas using the building help improve 10-30% productivity.
  • LEED Certified Engineers with consulting for LEED services
  • Good understanding of the Building Code needs and Clean Buildings Performance Standard (CBPS) specifically for WA state for clean Energy goals.
  • Buildings in WA state need to meet minimum ASHRAE standard 100 & amendments WAC 194-50. (it talks about Benchmarking, calculating the weather normalized energy use intensity of a building, EUI and EUIt else Non-complaint of building will be raised as issue).

What we value

At Joules Techs, we are ardent advocates for a more sustainable future. Our Smart Building solutions harness technological advancements to create eco-conscious structures that minimize energy consumption, reduce waste, and actively contribute to a healthier planet. With each project, we’re redefining what it means to build responsibly, ensuring that every footprint we leave behind is a step towards a greener Earth.

Safety and well-being are at the heart of our mission. Through Smart Building expertise, we design spaces that prioritize the health and comfort of occupants. By integrating cutting-edge technologies, we create environments that actively enhance indoor air quality, optimize lighting conditions, and promote a sense of security. Our commitment to occupant well-being is a driving force in everything we do.

Our dedication to sustainability extends to every facet of our projects. With Smart Building solutions, we’re spearheading an energy efficiency revolution. By seamlessly integrating systems that monitor, analyze, and optimize energy usage, we’re redefining how buildings operate. Through our expertise, we’re proving that innovative technology is the cornerstone of achieving energy-efficient, low-impact structures.

In a rapidly evolving world, technology is a catalyst for change. At Joules Techs, we’re not just keeping pace; we’re leading the charge. Our Smart Building solutions are grounded in the latest technological advancements, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. By consistently embracing emerging technologies, we’re creating smart, adaptable spaces that exemplify the potential of modern innovation.

Building a better world requires collaboration. At Joules Techs, we’re dedicated to forging partnerships that transcend industries and boundaries. By working closely with clients, communities, and experts, we’re creating spaces that reflect shared values. Our commitment to collaboration extends beyond blueprints; it’s a pledge to co-create a future where Smart Building solutions drive progress and positive change.