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About Security and Surveillance Solutions

One thing that will never be compromised is on the security of the building. Building security is the protection of property, assets, and occupants from intruders, perpetrators of violence, and unsafe or hazardous situations that can cause them harm or damage. Its goal is to deter, prevent, detect, and respond to physical security violations effectively. Underestimating the importance of building security puts everything and everyone within the building at risk, including the actual work or commercial activities taking place.

Building security is important because it is a way for companies to protect themselves, their property, assets, and building occupants from malicious security threats. Even residential building managers and owners should take building security seriously, as over a million property crimes occurred in 2021, according to the Quarterly Uniform Crime Report released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Joules Tech has the capability to design and install the technology that will cater to the needs of the following Personas including Users/tenants of the building, Visitors at the building and Security personnel’s of the building.

The different types of building security systems include the following:

This includes all of the measures used to limit unauthorized access to the building, areas within the building, or other building assets like equipment, machines, and facilities. 

This primarily involves the installation of a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system to monitor and record the occupants and visitors in the captured areas 24/7.

This refers to the use of motion sensor devices, weapon detection systems, and intruder alert notification systems.

This includes the security director, security officers, security guards stationed at access points, and patrol guards.

Based on new technology, approvals on the Data privacy, Joules Tech can deploy the FAC solution that has few sets of cameras strategically placed with face recognition capability. While the Digital Security officers monitor the entire floor and people walking inside the building, it will alarm if there is any non-recognized face entering the building and any anonymous activities thereby are registered with the backend operation team who manage the security alerts

Mobile is revolutionizing the current lifestyle and so could be one source to leverage for Digital Badge access to enter into the building. Depending upon the scrutiny required by our customers and privacy approvals, Joules tech can build the necessary security solutions