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Smart Lighting Solutions

Illuminate Your Future with Smart Lighting Solutions: Control, Save Energy, and Embrace Sustainable Living.

About Smart Lighting Solutions

Smart lighting technology, which enables its users to control lighting through connected devices such as smart phones or remote controls is a big topic in the industry.

There are many technologies on which engineers are working hard to get fruitful results. Technologies like Smart Lighting is among those, which are meant to be the disruptive ones. After smart phones, smart lighting technology is making a huge place in the world.

Lighting controls can help save energy – and money – by automatically turning lights off when they’re not needed, by reducing light levels when full brightness isn’t necessary, or otherwise controlling the lighting in and around your home. Common types of lighting controls include: Dimmers, Motion sensors, occupancy sensors, and photosensors, Timers.

The current ecological imbalance in the ecosystem has transformed the way business was done traditionally. Today, a large number of companies are adopting a “Green” strategy to support sustainable development across the globe. At Joules Tech, you will hear to our passion of deploying the Sensor bundle with the lighting system that can monitor the Daylight and adjust the light levels to suite to conditions and save energy, the Occupancy sensors which will dim or bright up depending upon the occupancy in any space of the building, This sensor bundle also comes with Temperature sensing element and also with BLE beacons that can be leveraged for multiple purposes of Smart Building management.

Joule tech team has experience of large deployment of Smart lighting systems and can help develop a sustainable solution, which will help increase the life of the system and reduce the operational maintenance and helps saves Energy.