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It is all about enabling the Experience to the building tenants that ultimately improves the Productivity, feels great and less distracted while in the building.

Joules Tech Engineers are experienced in defining the User Experience based on the personas (Like facilities manager maintaining the building, tenants who could be Employees working in office, visitors visiting the building), identify the Technology required to enable to experience and finally implement the Complete solution inside the building.

Our Solutions

Smart lighting technology, which enables its users to control lighting through connected devices such as smart phones or remote controls is a big topic in the industry. Learn more.

Wayfinding, by definition, refers to any displays or informational signage that helps people make their way through a commercial or public space. It can take the form of placards, signage, traffic flow stickers, or analog/digital signboards that point people in the right direction or give them more details on a space. Learn more.

Organizations need a space management solution in order to effectively utilize the available space, ensure the space allocated has been used by it’s occupant effectively and the productivity of the tenants with Space used is more efficient. Learn more.

Joules Tech Engineers have experience dealing with Water, Air, Lightings, HVAC comfort and goes beyond to include the biophilia based solutions to improve the health quality of the tenants. Learn more.

The building management system (BMS) is an overarching control system that is responsible for the automatic regulation and control of non-GMP facility subsystems, maintaining predefined parameters (or set points) and the control of their functionality. The major aim of the BMS is to guarantee the safety of facility operation, while also monitoring and optimizing the use and efficiency of its supervised subsystems to allow more efficient operation. Joules Tech have expertise on the major subsystems controlled by the BMS. Learn more.

Experience at work is always different from experience meeting with the people. It is important to discuss, debate, formulate thoughts and whether it is an in person meeting or connecting remote people from meeting rooms, we have the skills and expertise to choose the right technology partners, integrate with other smart systems and build a unique meeting Room platform which will enable a collaborative meeting experience. Learn more.

Accordion Content. Learn more.

Accordion Content. Learn more.

Accordion Content. Learn more.

With digitalization solutions advancing, smart parking systems are starting to offer solutions for urban mobility. This is a system which, thanks to the Internet of Things and sensor technology, allows real-time data to be obtained about parking availability, both outdoors and Indoors, and regarding availability of car parking slots. Learn more.

The Smart Site Light Pole (SSLP) is an integrated electrical power, communication, security, sensor, lighting control, and area lighting pole system. Smart light poles can increase urban efficiency while reducing energy costs. They contribute to solving many urban problems due to their ability to incorporate software controls, electronics and sensors that can receive and transmit data. Learn more.