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Conference Room in a box (AV Systems)​

Elevate your meetings with Joule Tech’s smart Conference Room solutions

About Conference Room in a box (AV Systems)​

Experience at work is always different from experience meeting with the people. It is important to discuss, debate, formulate thoughts and whether it is an in person meeting or connecting remote people from meeting rooms, we have the skills and expertise to choose the right technology partners, integrate with other smart systems and build a unique meeting Room platform which will enable a collaborative meeting experience ​

We offer different types of solutions integrating with AV system that includes the Sound system, Smart lighting system for different scenarios of meeting thereby making the session more focused and sustainable. We ensure to track the capacity utilization of these conference rooms and develop different types of conference rooms required for the client needs.​

From our executive conference room to our smaller conference rooms, we have the perfect solution to build the conference room and enable the experience. Our different type of meeting rooms includes:​

 – Small conference Room (4 seaters)​
 – Medium Conference Room (6-8 seaters)​
 – Large Conference Room (10-12 seaters)​
 – Extra large conference Rooms (16+ seaters)​
 – Informal Meeting Rooms (for 4-6 people)​
 – Booths for Individuals private session ( 1-2 people)​
 – Auditoriums (50+ seater capacity)
The technology we bring on table is not only focused on meeting room but experience within the meeting room. From the interactive sessions being recorded/saved, to being collaborative and to be connecting with remote teams in today’s world is possible with one touch option. We are partnered with known providers and can support the installation of the AV systems.​

Joule tech team has experience of defining the Smart, connected and sustainable Conference Room in a box and also integrate with multitude of systems for Air Quality monitoring, HVAC Personalization presets in the conference room, Display systems, People counting and people occupancy status, Sound system, Meeting room bookings.