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Water Consumption Monitoring

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About Water Consumption Monitoring

You can monitor how much water is being used with a meter than measures flow, using a flowmeter sensor. Flowmeters use various technologies to count pulses / ticks as fluids flow by the flow meter.

We also have developed technology that can fit into the water flow unit and control the water flow upto certain desired limit and post which the water gets turned-off automatically until it is turned-on based on the requirements.

We also have developed applications that tell the consumers the amount of water consumed and alert the users to be ecologically responsible for the consumption of the water.

We do beyond water consumption monitoring that is reuse and recycle the water and using our partner ecosystem, we use water treatment and reuse system that can safely recycle up to 95% of a building’s wastewater onsite—either blackwater or greywater—and produces three sustainable outputs:

1. Recycled water that can be reused directly onsite for non-potable applications like HVAC cooling towers, toilet and urinal flushing, irrigation, ornamental water features, or clothes washing;

2. Recovered energy from wastewater heat can be captured and used to preheat the incoming domestic hot water supply;

3. Repurposed natural soil amendments that can be used in landscaping projects, gardens, or even local parks.

Owners can expect 3-7 year ROI while increasing water savings, reducing utility fees and the ability to earn up to 24 LEED points. The cloud-based system is configured with remote monitoring capabilities and safety alarms, and Epic’s trusted O&M team provides 24/7 operator response.

We also provide built-in reporting dashboards to provide a snapshot of your system’s health, including up-to-date utility savings, total gallons of water reused, a summary of ESG performance and much more. We help buildings achieve Net Zero Energy goals — one of the only systems designed to integrally treat wastewater and recover heat from the wastewater stream for return to the building.