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Lobby Solution

Joule’s Tech is excited to present to you our cutting-edge Lobby Solution

About Lobby Solution

Online shopping is dominating the transactional marketplace for its ease and immediacy. For brick-and-mortar business, this fact makes providing a positive in-store experience all the more crucial for keeping customers content and loyal. Much like first impressions, the lobby experience can be the singular determination of whether a customer leaves happy and returns again. “The customer is going to walk away with an experience, they’re going to walk away with an impression of the business no matter what happens,”

Joules tech enables the right solution and technology that will generate the data to assess the business need for the hour. “Companies can get instant actionable data even after a day of use, The data, in turn, helps businesses approach queuing systematically. Whether it’s a flustered parent with noisy children in tow or a disgruntled patron in a rush, every customer has a pain point when it comes to queuing. These issues can only be addressed once they’re known. By capturing data, problems like long lines, employee in-efficiency, and customer engagement can be identified in as little as just few minutes.

Joules Tech understands the need of Lobby experience for any commercial building (Like Office, Hospitals, Banks, School buildings) where the customer experience is important. Joules tech develops solutions for frictionless access to the employees of the building who intends to use the building. This is to ensure security against intruders, improve productivity of the employees and make lives simpler for the Security operations team.