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Indoor Wayfinding Solutions

Seamless Navigation Made Effortless: Experience Our Indoor Wayfinding Solutions for Smart and Collaborative Spaces.

About Indoor Wayfinding Solutions

Joules Tech Engineers have experience deploying the IWS for the Smart Campuses and buildings with large number of tenants.

Wayfinding isn’t just about getting people from A to B. The thoughtful design of your office and its informational signage can create positive feelings for your people and bring teams together in powerful ways.

For instance, offices that offer strong branding within their design and wayfinding choices can inspire positive feelings in those who engage in the environment daily. There are many positive associations with having an appealing and functional design, that makes staff feel more at home in their daily surroundings. This is especially true for offices that include a strong cultural component in their design. For instance, using naming conventions that evoke the company’s geographic location or values provides a small point of pride and connection on the workday. Likewise, design that integrates the employees individual cultural or social touches can forge even stronger connections to the place they go to to get things done. 

Digital wayfinding can also improve workplace efficiency, by providing clear, consistent direction that operates without a lot of thought or concentration. This intentional design and ease of use means employees spend less time finding work spaces, locating colleagues, navigating to new buildings or departments using a facility map, and so on. This frictionless, digital workplace leaves more bandwidth and more time for getting to grips with the important work of the day.

An interactive wayfinding solution and a smart office approach to wayfinding design can also make collaboration and meeting easier. When it’s easy to locate a room, book it interactively, invite your key players, and make best use of both time and space, it improves employee productivity and presents staff with fewer obstacles during their working hours.

Joules tech team can develop the IWS on a Kiosk/Mobile App. Joules Tech have experienced working on different technology for the wayfinding inside the building and can connect to the Parking Garage which can be on the surface or below the surface seamlessly, and with you use an elevator or stairs.