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Space Management Solution

Optimize Space Utilization and Boost Productivity: Discover Our Smart Space Management Solutions for Efficient Real Estate Utilization.

About Space Management Solution

Organizations need a space management solution in order to effectively utilize the available space, ensure the space allocated has been used by it’s occupant effectively and the productivity of the tenants with Space used is more efficient.

Also, these organizations pay a heavy sum to their leasing firms but to ensure that every inch of space has been utilized effectively, Joules tech offers best in class Space management solutions offerings.

Joules Tech have experience working with camera based and Non-camera based IoT devices and can implement in the buildings to study the space planned has been used for the defined purposes and if not, propose alternative solutions to re-define the space plan to help improve the floor plan productivity and effective utilization of the Real Estate.

We have seen a lot of companies who thought they were managing their facility space just fine by using CAD drawings and Excel spreadsheets, walking the floor with a pen and pencil to track who sat where, and spending hours putting together critical reports for upper management. Companies who have moved towards an automated space management solution quickly realize they were managing their facilities inefficiently and can immediately begin seeing the results that an space solution can bring to their organization.

Joules Tech have the Industry best technologies that helps us understand how our tenants are really using the spaces. We can help to determine how the building spaces are used from day to day basis, identify the trend through Analytics and detail out the Space Utilization matrix which can help redefine space requirements.

The Same technology can be used to identify the occupancy in the building and run the HVAC systems which helps improve the Efficiency and reduce the operational cost. This is becoming mandate in today’s environment and specially to accrue LEED points or to make buildings more sustainable.