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Unlocking Efficiency and Innovation: The Power of IoT in Smart Buildings

About IoT

IoT in smart buildings refers to the devices that communicate with each other so they can monitor, collect, analyze, and interpret data to improve operations. Some common IoT devices include: Temperature and humidity controls, Occupancy sensors, Lux level, Daylight harvesting sensor units, Automated Parking Systems, sensory devices to monitor critical applications etc.

An IoT ecosystem in a commercial building could include monitoring of the HVAC infrastructure that uses real-time data and automation technologies to constantly measure and adjust the temperature for optimum energy efficiency and comfort.

Joules Tech have the right solution to design, deploy and monitor the critical aspects of the building systems.

We offer the turnkey solution where we bring in our own products, implement it, analyze and integrate with other disparate building systems like HVAC systems, and push the data into our cloud and perform analytics where the outcome would be an experience that leads to maintaining the building systems proactively i.e, to perform predictive maintenance, empower every user to gain knowledge about the power consumption made in the building, empower every user to reduce the anxiety and increase the productivity. Please refer to our partner products – for more information.