Joules Technologies

Pointr Limited.

Enabling the Future of Intelligent Spaces

At Pointr, we’re driven by a vision of a world where intelligence thrives in every building. Our commitment lies in making this vision a reality.

Our Mission

As a global technology leader in indoor location technology, we are dedicated to crafting reliable and intuitive location experiences that seamlessly connect people with the spaces they inhabit. Our mission is to empower businesses with immersive location solutions that enhance their operations within the physical realm.

Unveiling Deep Location®

Pioneering Deep Location® technology lies at the core of our innovation. This cutting-edge approach allows businesses to unlock immersive location experiences and elevate their operations within their physical environments. We are proud to hold ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 certifications for information security, backed by endorsements from industry giants including Cisco, Microsoft, Siemens, Extreme Networks, CBRE, ISS, DHS, and more.

Global Reach and Impact

With a global presence spanning over 20 countries and a footprint in more than 3,000 venues, Pointr is making waves on an international scale. Our technology powers a staggering 250 million data points, a testament to the impact and reach of our solutions.

Empowering Solutions

Maps and Wayfinding

  • Transform spaces with precise Indoor Mapping
  • Navigate complex interiors seamlessly with Indoor Navigation
  • Harness the power of scale with MapScale®

Blue Dot and Geofencing

  • Harness the potential of Geofencing for location-based interactions
  • Attain pinpoint accuracy with Indoor Positioning

Advanced Analytics

  • Gain insights with Indoor Heatmaps
  • Optimize space utilization through Occupancy Analytics
  • Understand visitor behaviors with Visitor Journeys

Leading Technology

  • At Pointr, our commitment to innovation is unwavering. Deep Location® technology is the cornerstone of our solutions, marking the dawn of a new era in intelligent spatial experiences.